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Custom Window Decorators specializes in stage curtains in Central Maine. Have you gotten in touch with your insurance company regarding coverage for your stage curtains? Are your stage curtains up to code? These are questions that are imperative for movie theaters, community theatres, schools and colleges in today’s world. The fire marshal may even ask you those questions when your facility is being inspected. Contact Custom Window Decorators online for help today.


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Here at Custom Window Decorators, we will evaluate your existing stage curtains to see if they meet regulations. If they do not, we can bring them up to certification codes. Whether we add fire retardant to your existing curtains or help you decide on new stage curtains, Custom Window Decorators is here to help. We are certified to apply flame retardant to stage curtains.

When you think about it, it does make sense that stage curtains can catch on fire. With the heat of the stage lights, the combustible dust and the length of time that the lights are on, the stage curtains can create a huge fire hazard. Custom Window Decorators will assist with proactive efforts in reducing this risk. We can flameproof your curtains by either taking them down, bringing them to our shop in Lewiston, ME and immersing them in our flame retardant, or treat the curtains at your site.

Stage curtain hardware is also important to keep your theaters safe and running smoothly. Custom Window Decorators has a plethora of options for you to choose from, whether you wish to replace and re-certify them or start fresh and redesign. We can repair rods, curtains, tears and more with our professional service. All of our services will be completed efficiently and affordably. Upon completion you will receive a 5 year certificate stating compliance with the following standards: NFPA 701 Class “A” fire rating, NFPA255, ASTM E-84, UL 723, UBC 8-1.

If you want a fresh new look we have a full line of colors and styles of new stage curtains.


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